At Haggstrom Law, being proactive in protecting the proprietary information or creative works of the clients is one of the most important undertakings. For businesses and individuals alike, the work starts with the search to find previously registered marks that are similar to those of the clients, which is followed by the registration with the appropriate entities once that search has been completed and evaluated. In the event that the clients have already secured federal protection of their works, the next step is in protecting such works, including litigating infringement claims where necessary.

Trade and Service Marks

For trade and servicemarks, Haggstrom Law, together with the client, asses the risks of moving forward with the registration so the client understands the meaning of the search. This assessment with the client may be the most important aspect of the job. Once that assessment is completed, Haggstrom Law stays with the client throughout the process of registration.

Haggstrom Law guides its clients in the naming of new businesses with a focus on the trade or service mark, the domain name, and any other names that the business will use in branding its products. With existing businesses, the focus is on determining whether their business needs more protection with their marks and other branding, particularly as the markets have become global.


Despite the fact that U.S. courts have never made it a requirement that a work must be registered to be protected, as trademarks and patents are, there are very specific reasons to register a copyrightable work in order to fully protect it. Haggstrom Law ensures that the clients understand what those reasons are and under what circumstances the clients should take additional steps to protect their works. In other instances, the clients will be better served through maintaining a trade secret or the like. Haggstrom Law can guide you and assess whether a copyright is appropriate for your business. Luckily, for clients who are prolific, the fees for such advice and for those registrations are absolutely within reach.