Tamara Haggstrom has advised wide-ranging healthcare practitioners, including physicians, dentists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, therapists and midwives. Tamara Haggstrom recognizes what is at stake if a healthcare practitioner fails to comply with the ever-changing State and Federal laws, and thus, stays apprised of both recent and upcoming developments that may impact clients.

Haggstrom Law, P.C. is experienced in formation of professional corporations, which can be an invaluable means of protecting practitioners in an increasingly litigious society. In addition, Haggstrom Law's practice encompasses HIPAA compliance related to everything from creating the appropriate release forms for use in a healthcare practitioner's business to negotiation and drafting of vendor contracts to ensure continued compliance and protection when third parties are involved. Tamara Haggstrom also has extensive experience assisting healthcare practitioners in complying with the complex phases of the Stark regulations and restrictions.