Writers, actors, musicians, agents, producers, directors and independent studio owners have consulted with Tamara Haggstrom over the years. With the recent overhauling of legislation dramatically affecting the entertainment industry, it is important to rigorously track changes in the law and keep clients informed of each developing nuance.

Protecting intellectual properties is of the utmost importance to Haggstrom Law, and each contract is drafted, negotiated, or revised with a sharp focus on protecting that ownership right. Securing initial copyright and trademark protections and forming appropriate business entities to hold such proprietary information goes a long way to ensure that protection. Haggstrom Law also prosecutes and defends infringement claims when they arise, whether by a third party or a dispute between parties collaborating to create such work.

Additionally, when litigation arises, Haggstrom Law advocates aggressively on behalf of the client with an understanding of the industry and the unique position each player within the industry holds. Clients say they feel like Tamara Haggstrom has taken up their cause as passionately as if she were representing herself personally. Tamara Haggstrom takes pride in that, and strives to maintain that level of advocacy for each and every client.