Here at Haggstrom Law, P.C. the goal is to make sure that the clients get the best protection they can, whether the clients are established Fortune 500 companies or just starting out, or anything in between. The business world can be a difficult place, and there are risks in any industry. Tamara Haggstrom's job is to assess those risks ahead of time and to guide clients to implement systems to manage those risks to the greatest degree possible. For some this may require forming a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC), and for others this may require negotiating, drafting and routinely reviewing and updating contracts for the business. For others still, this may require vigilant prosecution or defense of litigation of contract disputes or business claims including antitrust, bad faith, unfair competition and wrongful interference of claims. In any case, each clients' specific needs and their business models and goals remains Haggstrom Law's focus throughout the relationship with you.

Tamara Haggstrom has provided business guidance to literally thousands of businesses over many years. Staying current with the ever-changing state of the laws and watching trends in the business world and the global economy and cultures is a passion at Haggstrom Law. That passion translates into routinely communicating with clients to keep them apprised of developments in their claims and in upcoming changes in the law, but also into strategizing in order to deal with the perpetually evolving legal and business worlds.

Haggstrom Law provides guidance and service to practitioners in a variety of industries, including retail, service, marketing, manufacturing, garment, construction, information technology, medical, dental, television and film, music, maritime and aviation, to name a few.