Haggstrom Law can help immediately with your relief in a bankruptcy. The focus is not just on making the creditors go away, but also on getting you through the bankruptcy process with a good understanding of it so that the various stages of the bankruptcy are not so intimidating. Tamara Haggstrom personally walks clients through the process ahead of time so they know exactly what to expect, and so that they can confidently move forward and out of one of the toughest times in their life.

Convenience is also a big part of getting clients through a bankruptcy matter. Although it is better if clients come into the office in person, many times that is just too time-consuming when traveling is involved. And, of course, taking time away from work is really tough for most people. Not to worry. In most cases the necessary paperwork can be completed by email, telephone and/or fax to keep clients moving forward to get their fresh start easily and affordably.

Handling bankruptcy litigation is one of the services provided by Haggstrom Law, unlike many of the bankruptcy mills out there who either charge huge additional fees, or simply avoid handling the litigation at all. Haggstrom Law can handle the litigation that other firms avoid, and at reasonable fees. A client should be able to rely on their bankruptcy attorney throughout the entire process - and that should never be too much to ask.

Haggstrom Law's fees are straightforward and truly flat rate. The quote is given, and no additional fees are added on top of that. You know what you are getting up front and there are no surprises. That should be part of every client's fresh start of a bankruptcy.